A century ago, Julius Caesorc took a package holiday to the Isles of  Brutain. He liked the place so much that the next year he visited  again... with an army!

The local populace stirred itself a bit and resisted quite fiercely - in a non-provocative, non-aggressive way. They organised demonstrations, peaceful protests, they tied themselves to trees in the path of the Noman road-building projects and organised sit-ins at key locations like ‘The Pictsies Head’ or The ‘Waggon and Puppie’. They attended ‘Assertiveness’ courses at the local Community Henges and they even tried a civil disobedience campaign. Some of the Seelie women set up a protest camp outside of the ballista works at Viridis Vulgaris - the legionaries found this a most useful resource...

All of their efforts had no effect whatsoever on the hardened Noman Legionaries and so the populace went back to sleep - until recently, that is!

Once the initial fuss of the invasion had died down, the Legions went off to fight elsewhere and were replaced by units of Auxillia drawn from all over the Empire. The Goblins of Gaubl have always hated the Seelie, a compliment the Seelie love to return...

Someone stupid in administration has ordered Goblin Auxilliaries to the shores of Brutain to help keep the peace...

It is said that in the Northern Sea around the Isle of Brutain, there dwell awful creatures of terrible aspect and most dreadful ferocity. It is said that these Meremayds do lure sailors to their deaths with their songs. It is said that these creatures are the most foul and fearsome in all the world.

I want to know; Which Plonker gave boats to the Halfling WIMMIN?

Graznius the Cronikler


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